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FAQs Your Questions Answered

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our Aeroseal service. If you have further questions, please call 602.300.4541 or send us a message through our online contact form.

Do you also repair heating and air-conditioning units?

Arizona Aeroseal specializes in the Aeroseal process, therefore we do not perform heating and air-conditioning repairs. We only do Aeroseal.

Is The Sealant Safe? Will I be allergic?

Sealant is Non-Toxic
Dual UL approvals for UL723 for smoke and flame rating of 0 and UL 181 for mold growth
Primary component is Vinyl Acetate Polymer; used in water based paints, hair spral, and chewing gum.

How long does it take to dry?

Drying time is less than 2 hours.

How long will it last?

Guaranteed for 10 years in residential applications.

Will my home smell?

There is a mild odor much like Elmer’s Glue. During the sealing process the odor will dissipate in a few hours after the drying time has elapsed.

Should I be in the house?

We prefer that no one is in the house during the prep work and sealing process due to the impact on productivity. However, if you happen to be in the home our friendly technicians are happy to share the process with you.

How big of a leak will be sealed?

Aeroseal will seal up to a 5/8” diameter hole during the normal range of productivity.

What about leaks that are too big?

Broken and disconnected ducts, and large leaks need to be fixed prior to the sealing process. If a hidden large leak is uncovered during sealing, the process is stopped and a solution is discussed.

Where does the sealant leaking from the ducts go?

Sealant escaping from the ducts will settle in the wall cavities, attic, or crawl spaces. During the sealing process we filter the air to capture any sealant particles in the rooms.

Will it harm my electronics?

Sensitive electronics should be covered. During the sealing process we will filter the air to capture any sealant particles in the rooms.

What about my HVAC accessories?

The technician is trained to protect all accessories prior to sealing. Some items such as humidifiers or UV lights may be removed then re-installed to prevent damage; others will be bagged or covered.

Do ducts need to be cleaned before sealing?

We do not recommend having the ducts cleaned prior to the duct sealing process. Please contact us if you have further questions regarding this matter.

Can I clean ducts that are sealed?

Ducts of all materials can be successfully cleaned after sealing.

Will the sealant coat my ducts?

The Aeroseal process does not coat or line the inside of the duct work. The only sealant remaining in the ducts will be at the previous leak.